*”Liberated T”, is a Syrian advocacy campaign that aims to change the negative gender stenotypes imposed mainly by our society on women, it focuses on theSyrian women’s stories, battles, and experiences. It will also expose the gender based violations they face on their daily lives. *In standard Arabic language the femininity letter T added to the verb to make it feminine is named “The Quiet T”. Our campaign uses the same femininity T but we are changing its name into liberated T, instead of “quiet”.

Sundus The Survivor

Sundus was detained for 11 months by the Syrian regime, and when she was finally released, she had to struggle with the social stigma. She says “Men get out of prisons as heroes, but women as pitted as victims”. Sundus decided not to give up and is now working to support the women who survived detention like herself in the north. #ForJustice

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