*”Liberated T”, is a Syrian advocacy campaign that aims to change the negative gender stenotypes imposed mainly by our society on women, it focuses on theSyrian women’s stories, battles, and experiences. It will also expose the gender based violations they face on their daily lives. *In standard Arabic language the femininity letter T added to the verb to make it feminine is named “The Quiet T”. Our campaign uses the same femininity T but we are changing its name into liberated T, instead of “quiet”.

Rana Melhem

From a housewife، Rana has turned into a nurse and then after attending a media training، she finally was able to achieve her childhood dream of being a journalist. Rana is a single mother of 7, she lives with them in camp in Idlib after being forced to leave her town due to the constant bombing. She does written and video pieces for many outlets with main focus on the human side of the stories and women.

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