*”Liberated T”, is a Syrian advocacy campaign that aims to change the negative gender stenotypes imposed mainly by our society on women, it focuses on theSyrian women’s stories, battles, and experiences. It will also expose the gender based violations they face on their daily lives. *In standard Arabic language the femininity letter T added to the verb to make it feminine is named “The Quiet T”. Our campaign uses the same femininity T but we are changing its name into liberated T, instead of “quiet”.

Alma Shehadah’s story

Alma Shahoud was born in 1986 in the neighborhood of al-Midan, she used to work as a secretary in a private company and has five children.
She participated in the peaceful demonstrations and worked in relief and refugee support, before she became a medic on the front lines of the battlefield.
A fighter talks about her courage saying: “I once saw her carrying a wounded young man because no one dared to pull him away from the intensity of fire, during the battle of al-Midan”.